Happy Hour Margaritas

Viva La Cali and Its Happy Hour Margaritas!

Here at Cinco, we are proud to serve the greater Westchester and Playa Del Rey neighborhoods with the best Happy Hour Margaritas and Happy Hour Tacos in town. For just $5, customers can enjoy 4 Street Happy Hour Tacos with a choice from Al Pastor, Pollo, Barbacoa, Carnitas, and Soya served with onions and cilantro. Pretty amazing deal, and that's only the start of our Happy Hour Menu. But did you know that some states don't get to enjoy happy hour deals at all?

Yep, that's right; Happy Hour deals are illegal in several states, almost a dozen in fact. As of this year, Vermont, Utah, Rhode Island, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Maine, Indiana, Hawaii, Delaware, and Alaska all have standing bans on Happy Hours. These bans mean that no restaurant or bar can advertise for or deliver reduced or discounted drinks during any special time. Thankfully, no such state or county laws prohibit our bar and restaurant from mixing the drinks.

The reason for the bans on happy hours harkens back to that grand ole prohibition era. Prohibition certainly wasn't as big in California and other areas of the west as it was in the east, but there was still some impact. The idea for this particular ban to continue on alcohol sales was to discourage binge drinking. After all, when you promote and sell drinks at a discounted price, there are some who will simply enjoy paying less for the same, but there are others who may drink more. Here at Cinco, we are proud to offer fantastic Happy Hour Margaritas at great rates that may have you asking for more than your usual... That said, we do always promote safe, responsible, and fun drinking every day.

Long story short, just how much can you expect to save on our California-legal Happy Hour Margaritas? Our knock-it-out-of-the-park Tommy's Margarita with Angelisco Blanco is just $10 and deserves a taste this afternoon! Visit us Monday through Saturday from 3 pm to 7 pm to enjoy all of our Happy Hour deals (dine-in only).