LAX Adjacent Mexican Food

Enjoy the Best Authentic Oaxacan Mexican Food at Cinco

Here at Cinco, we like to call ourselves a LAX adjacent Mexican food restaurant that serves up the best in authentic Oaxacan Mexican food. However, if you are new to the city and to Mexican food in general, then you might not know what we mean by that. Authentic Oaxacan Mexican food is a type of Mexican cuisine that is very similar to what you'll find in other Mexican restaurants but with its own very significant culinary twists.

The short and sweet answer to how our LAX adjacent Mexican food restaurant does things differently is that by going the authentic Oaxacan Mexican food route, we serve up things fresher and more flavorful. But how? Because we focus on bringing in ingredients and highlighting those flavors popular in the Oaxaca region of Mexico, which is a region where the mountains crash down into the ocean. Here, you will find a rich diversity of climate and bioregions in which chilies, wild greens, and corn really thrive.

In fact, there is probably no other place in Mexico where you will find more types of chilies than in Oaxaca and a big part of Oaxacan cuisine is showing off those chilies. Hot chilies, smoky chilies, sweet chilies -- they have them all. To taste just a few of those fantastic chili-based dishes and other authentic Oaxacan Mexican food, visit our LAX adjacent Mexican food restaurant today.