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Must-Have Mexican Food to Order

Craving for something else other than the typical pasta and burger? Or perhaps you’ve been working on expanding your tastes, training your palate to try out different flavors? Mexican food is always a popular choice, but unless you’re familiar with what the menu has to offer, you might end up getting overwhelmed.

Not to worry though, because Mexican food is a fail-safe repertoire. Meaning, no matter what you end up getting, you’re sure to get a good one. In any case, here’s a quick sampling of Mexican dishes you should not dare miss out on.


Admit it, when you hear “Mexican food,” tacos are always among the first things that come to mind. There’s nothing wrong with that. After all, they really are popular anyway, and for very good reasons too.

What you should know is that there are plenty of other variants than the typical beef and cheese taco. The beef can instead be replaced with chicken, pork, or even seafood like shrimp. There are also vegetable or plain cheese tacos for those who would like to avoid the meat. Get them in crunchy or soft shell tacos–either way, it’s going to be a piece of food heaven in every bite.

Carne Asada

If you really love your beef, then make sure to add in an order for carne asada. Directly translated, this means roasted beef. It’s highly likely you’ve encountered this dish already but weren’t familiar with what it’s called.

Carne asada is usually served with beans and rice, and topped with grilled onions, as a standalone dish. However, it’s also versatile enough to be used in tacos or burritos.


Mole is the dark, mysterious-looking sauce that carries intense flavors in every spoonful, and is said to be the ultimate test of how good a Mexican restaurant actually is. If they make good moles, then they make good Mexican food.

The sauce itself features a deep and rich flavor profile, ranging from smoky and spicy to sweet earthy tastes, owing to its natural ingredients such as chocolate, chiles, tomatoes, nuts, and a blend of spices. Top it on anything, from burritos to vegetables, rice, or beans, for a richer food experience.


Enchiladas are tortilla wraps of savory fillings, like beef, chicken, or vegetable. Depending on your preference, the wrap can be made of flour or corn. It can also have vegetables and beans in it, making it a completely filling delight.


They might resemble a thicker version of the French crepe, only that instead of delicate batter, the wrap is made of tortillas, and then stuffed with melted cheese inside. As with the other Mexican dishes mentioned here, you can definitely beef that up with, well, beef, and other proteins. Definitely, there’s nothing flat about this “flat” dish.

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