Westchester Lunch and Drinks

Enjoy the Best of Westchester Lunch and Drinks at Cinco

The Westchester neighborhood started as a windswept plains area nestled between bluffs and ocean shores. Today, it serves as a fantastic home and workspace to a rich array of people and business, including our own Westchester sports bar of Cinco.

The big growth of the Westchester area began with real estate developer Fritz Burns in the 1920s. He had a bit of a setback when the Great Depression hit just as he was securing his plan to create a vast suburban development in this area, but a few years after that massive economic downturn, Burns was back up and running thanks to a fortuitous oil investment. And just in time too, as the Federal Housing Authority passed a massive program to encourage new home buyers and, at the same time, Southern California's aviation industry started to really boom. The Westchester neighborhood was built in short order and in even shorter order, it started filling up. Today, people from around the world have chosen the cozy tract homes of Westchester as their forever homes.

Our own team doesn't just call this friendly neighborhood home, we also call it the place we share our passion. The place where we share the best of Westchester lunch and drinks. Visit our Westchester Sports Bar to see why so many love our service, food, and drinks today.